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Peerless-AV’s Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) Extender automatically adjusts the brightness of the display/TV based on ambient lighting conditions. The ALS Extender overrides the built-in ambient light sensor, when it is connected, allowing flexibility for installations where the built-in ALS may have shadows being cast on it by surrounding structures or vegetation. The ALS Extender can be placed in a location that is more representative of the actual ambient light conditions. 


  • Compatible with the following Peerless-AV® Solutions:
  • UltraViewTM UHD Outdoor TVs (UV862), XtremeTM High Bright Outdoor Displays (XHB432, XHB492, XHB552, XHB652)
  • Outdoor Digital Menu Boards (KOF549-1XHB/-2XHB/-3XHB, KOF555-1XHB/-2XHB/-3XHB)
  • Smart City Kiosks (KOP2549(-S)-XHB, KOP2555(-S)-XHB)