PC-free, Web-based interactive display1 for collaborative learning.

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A Web-based interactive solution1, the BrightLink GoBoard™ 780Fi with an easy-to-use browser makes it simple for educators to stay connected with access to cloud-stored lesson plans, online content and included applications directly from the display—without ever needing to connect a PC. Offering a large, Full HD interactive display up to 100", the BrightLink GoBoard 780Fi provides 80 percent more working space than a 75" interactive flat panel—while providing a low cost per square inch. With 4,100 lumens of color and white brightness2, it delivers a remarkably bright display that can be easily viewed in ambient light conditions, from nearly anywhere in the classroom. It also includes a 20,000-hour, virtually maintenance-free laser light source3, so there are no lamps to purchase or replace—ever.

Designed for ease of use in collaborative learning environments, the BrightLink GoBoard 780Fi features wireless connectivity4 with casting capability5, making it easy for students to connect and display from PCs, Mac® computers, Chromebooks, and Android™ and iOS® devices5. Teachers can use Epson iProjection™ software6 with moderator function7 to manage up to 50 connected devices—displaying from as many as four simultaneously. Additionally, this versatile projector includes a convenient split screen8 function that supports the simultaneous display of digital content alongside the built-in interactive whiteboard canvas. With its unique ability to display and support interactivity on existing whiteboards, the dual-pen-enabled BrightLink GoBoard 780Fi is available with optional touch function, and delivers exceptional value by allowing teachers to retain valuable whiteboard space when the display is not in use.

      • Easy, intuitive Web-based interactive display1
      • 4,100 lumens of color and white brightness2
      • Full HD 1080p resolution for exceptional image quality
      • Convenient split screen8 function
      • Large interactive display up to 100" (16:9), 110" (16:6)

  • Model: V11HB06020
  • No lamps to replace ever — solid-state, 20,000-hour, virtually maintenance-free laser light source3
  • PC-free digital whiteboard — draw, save, print and email without a PC; also share whiteboard content to other networked BrightLink® projectors10
  • Connect and cast from up to 50 devices5 — free downloadable Epson iProjection software6 makes it easy to cast wirelessly from Chromebooks, iOS and Android devices, Mac computers and PCs5; with moderator feature7, teachers maintain control of the displayed content

Eco Features

  • RoHS compliant
  • Recyclable product
  • Epson America, Inc. is a SmartWay® Transport Partner