Event Master expansion unit Add extra scaling/switching power to your system Simplified cabling and system setup Invest only when you need to

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By linking the Ex with other Event Master processors (E2 or S3-4K) you add input and output capacity, expanding the scaling and switching power of the entire system. 

Affordable scaler

Event Master Ex is an affordable 4K60p scaler with the same processing power as four ImagePROs. A single processor can provide a 4x4 scaling matrix of HD sources or link two processors to create an 8x8 scaling matrix.

Expand your Event Master system

Expanding the input and output capacity of your Event Master processors, the Ex adds more scaling and switching power to your system. It extends I/Os for applications up to 100 meters away. 

Flexible and simple

The Ex shares its modular I/O cards and software with the other Event Master products. This allows you to flexibly configure your systems and service your units in the field. It also makes your cabling and systems simpler. It replaces up to eight fiber extenders between I/O devices and Event Master boxes. Now you only need one cable and an Ex. Two Ex processors with a total of two input cards and two output cards can be connected to each E2 or S3-4K link connection providing 8 Ex chassis for the E2 and 4 Ex chassis for the S3-4K. This enables 8 inputs and 8 outputs per link connection, totaling 32 inputs and outputs for E2 and 16 inputs and outputs for the S3-4K - all without adding another full-sized processing chassis.

  • 4K resolution
  • 12 bit
  • 12G ready
  • Athena scaling
  • DisplayPort ready
  • compliant with the HDCP protocols
  • designed for LED displays
  • Scalable and seamless canvas
  • designed to withstand the most severe conditions
  • easy installation


Live effects canvasWhen linked to an E2 or S3 and VPU cards are installed, supports up 20 Megapixels PVW/PGM.
Or 40 megapixels PGM only in addition to master processor
Video inputs

Two card slots which can be either input or output

  • Up to 8 inputs using any of the Event Master input cards
  • Inputs can be distributed to other processors via the link cable or to a locally installed output card
Video outputs

Two card slots which can be either input or output

  • Up to 8 outputs using any of the Event Master output cards
  • Sources for the outputs can be from remote systems via the link connection or from a locally installed input card.
GenlockAnalog reference input on BNC connectors.
Blackburst and Bi-level at SD, and Tri-level at HD
Reference output is provided by an internal sync generator capable of Bi-level and Tri-level sync signals
Program outputUp to 8 program outputs for destinations created in a linked E2 or S3-4K processor.
Scaled Aux outputsUser-definable up to 8 x 2048x1200@60 or 2 x 4K@60
Output color correction
MixersWhen linked to an E2 or S3 and VPU cards are installed, supports up to 4x HD mixers, 8x HD pips, 1x 4K mixer, or 2x 4K pips
Still storesUp to 100 HD or 25 UHD, depending on the imported file size.
Layer effectsDetermined by Master processor
ExpandabilityEasily expandable for larger display applications via proprietary links
  • Link units to increase available inputs and outputs for larger tiled/blended widescreen applications
  • Two Ex chassis can be linked for standalone operation
  • S3-4K supports up to 4 Ex chassis linked (16 inputs and 16 outputs of HD video)
  • E2 supports up to 8 Ex chassis that are linked. (32 inputs and 32 outputs of HD video)
HDCPHDCP Compliannce determined by installed cards.
  • Event Master screen management software for PC or MAC
  • Event Master Controllers
  • WebUI
  • Ethernet RJ-45, 1000/100/10 Mbps autosense
ServiceabilityField-Serviceable I/O cards (not hot-swappable)
Noise Level37 dBA Nominal / 45 dBA Max
Fan speed is software managed based on operating temperature.
Reference ISO 7779
  • Height: 4.37 cm / 1.72" 1 RU Rack mount
  • Width: 48.41 cm / 19.06” Incl. Rack mount
  • Depth: 40.41 cm / 15.91”
Weight5.53 kg / 12.2 lbs
PowerInput power: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 125W
Environmental temperature0-40° C / 32-104 F
Environmental humidity

0-95% non-condensing (non-operating)
0-85% non-condensing (operational)

Warranty3 years parts and labor