Native 4K up to 240Hz projector for simulation

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  • Native 4K resolution @60-240Hz framerate for incredible image performance
  • Dynamic resolution up to 6K and higher with built-in or external pixel-shift
  • Revolutionary RGB laser-phosphor for speckle-free, outstanding image quality
  • Rock-solid and fully rated for shock and vibration
  • Barco Pulse for powerful processing and unified interface across all Barco projectors
  • 5 years warranty as standard
  • Also available: FS400-HR with dedicated IR for NVG training

The F400-HR is a true solid-state LASER projector designed for the simulation and training market. A native 4K resolution up to 240Hz processing speed projector, the F400-HR combines extreme detail and very high speed, suitable for any simulation environment. The F400-HR was designed specifically for the demands of the training and simulation customer, and breathes the needed sense of realism into every simulation system.

High resolution and extreme speed

The F400-HR is Barco's first single-chip DLP native 4K (4,096 x 2,176) projector. Using built-in or external pixel-shift, the dynamic resolution can be raised to way beyond 4K, to 6K and even higher. In this way, you can project larger screens without losing any detail, further expanding the freedom of the simulation system designers. 

With its processing speeds of up to 240 Hz at 4K resolution, the F400-HR brings all details to life in even the fastest moving scenarios. This extreme performance never comes at a cost of the image quality, which follows the high-speed scenario perfectly, with very low latency. This makes the projector a brilliant match for even the most demanding applications, including fast jet or racing simulators.

Designed to perform - in all circumstances

The F400-HR also benefits from the next generation proprietary Barco Pulse platform, the powerful and flexible software architecture that ensures advanced low-latency processing operations to take place in one single step. This is a huge advantage in the real-time processing environment of most simulator systems today. What's more, Barco Pulse features an expansion port for optional modules to increase the range of standard inputs, and our API enables partners to integrate custom management tools and value-add features to complement the projector’s software.  

Motion platforms, with their rapid sudden movements, are challenging environments for projectors. That is why the F400-HR is fully rated for shock and vibration. With the electronics, hardware and software built around a unique H-beam shaped aluminum core, the F400-HR has an optimized strength-to-weight ratio providing a sturdy platform.


  • single-chip DLP projection
  • Constant Light Output (CLO)
  • Barco Pulse processing
  • 24-7 operation
  • Laser light source