Cloud-based solution for remote surgical collaboration

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Collaborate, educate and demonstrate, live from your OR

Remote work is everywhere, so why not make it happen to achieve better patient outcomes? With NexxisLive, you can involve the right people for any type of surgical intervention, wherever they are. Telestration, teleassistance, teleconferencing, and telementoring: the platform supports it all in a secure environment. With NexxisLive, you can talk, chat and draw as if you're all in the same operating room.

Execute your surgeries confidently

Achieve better patient outcomes thanks to remote consultation and assistance:

  • Combine brainpower and experience easily across regions, without excessive administration or the need to travel
  • Follow surgeries in real-time during virtual classroom sessions, with a front-row view for every student
  • Optimize technical assistance over a variety of surgeries and hospitals, while maintaining close contact with the staff

Educate with an immersive platform

Train remotely in real-time or in post-op with annotated video:

  • Equip experts with optimal conditions to assist local surgeons in their surgeries
  • Give students ad-hoc training in a variety of cases, without a crowded operating theater increasing patient risk
  • Offer assistants an easy way to support surgeons in the use of new medical equipment

Evaluate surgeries with the right material at the right time

Review operational and technological performance:

  • Enable experts to evaluate local surgeons during interventions
  • Give feedback to trainees after interventions
  • Assess the use and performance of medical equipment while it's being used

Do I need Nexxis if I want to use NexxisLive?

No. NexxisLive works best with our OR-over-IP system Nexxis, but is not limited to it. What are the advantages of Nexxis for NexxisLive? Video-over-IP systems are the future of the digital OR, because they form the heart of connectivity. Nexxis ensures near-zero latency and native images. With NexxisLive built on top of Nexxis, you’re working in a real-time environment, in which annotations are added transparently on top of a native camera image. When recording, annotations can be recorded separately from the original images.

NexxisLive comes with just one piece of hardware, which makes the secure cloud functionality possible. In future, no further hardware installation or manipulation will be needed – also when updates are released.


  • High-quality audio & live video
  • Live chat
  • Live streaming of multiple OR streams to remote participants
  • Bi-directional annotation with surgical toolset, designed with the surgeon in mind
  • Image capturing - with or without annotation