Adds Audio pass-through and Dante capability to the system Adds two more input connectors

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Adds the ability for the PDS-4K to pass embedded audio from HDMI/DisplayPort/SDI input to Program outputs and embed/disembed to Dante network audio.

Adds two DisplayPort 1.2 input connectors.


Connectors2x DisplayPort 1.2 Inputs
2x RJ-45 (Dante)
Resolution3840x2400p @60
Color depth10-bit
Color sampling4:4:4
Signal capacity660 MHz
Audio channels2 per input or output
Audio Sample Rate48 Khz
Audio bit depth16bit or 24 bit
Audio formatPCM
AES 67 supportYes
Number of Dante channels64 inputs x 64 outputs (2 channels per input or output)
FeaturesOutputs selectable between specific input, Dante Audio, or Audio follows video
PGM audio return to Dante
All inputs transmit to Dante